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Steven C. - Pleasanton, CA

Miguel and his staff are so thorough and pleasant to work with. He helped us with our taxes and did an excellent job with them. His practice is really family friendly. We felt very welcomed and trusted his knowledge in finance. We would definitely refer our friend to him. More on Yelp  

Shirley M. - San Jose, CA

Palma Finantial Services Inc. is a great company. Miguel and his wonderful team are very professional and friendly. The advice and service they provide is the best. I highly recommend this firm to any business or person who needs Finantial consulting. More on Yelp  

Leonora C. - San Jose, CA

I'm with the Palma tax services since 2005. Customer service is a plus. They do bookkeeping for me...they are very helpful. He also recommended a tool to incorporate my business to save money...Financial background professional he is the man. As professional in tax matters to share the insurance point of view in his business helps how to leverage the tool for security. Thankful that he is all around the financial biz this will help the people he serves to save more for their own good. More on Yelp  

Ingrid P. - Walnut Creek, CA

My husband and I hired Mr. Palma for College planning and financial services. He walked us through all the applications and strategies to apply to some of the best colleges and went over a financial plan.He made the whole complicated process go seamlessly and always had time for us for any questions we had. I am proud to say our son got in to one of his top pick colleges and I feel this is due to Mr. Palma's advice and mentoring. Thank you. More on Yelp  

Teresa H. - Castro Valley, CA

Excellent service and customer service. Miguel is very knowledgeable and he incorporates his tax experience with financial planning. I felt very welcomed and comfortable, and trusting of his expertise. I already have an accounting and finance background, but do not understand some aspects of real estate planning and tax consequences. Miguel was able to walk me through the calculations and gave me options in next steps, as he incorporated his tax expertise with financial planning. I know many CPA's and I can tell you-- Miguel is one of the good ones. More on Yelp  

Jane B. - Hayward, CA

I went to see Mr. Palma about a tax concern I had regarding the sale of my primary residence. He was very knowledgable and was able to answer all of my questions in a very personable and friendly manner. I left his office feeling secure and relieved about my tax situation. Mr Palma is the exception, I agree with the other post about most accountants being dry and cold. Mr. Palma is hospitable and warm and makes you feel that you matter. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a financial planner or accountant. More on Yelp  

Nikki W. - San Ramon, CA

I am new to business finance; 2013 was my my first year as an independent distributor so I felt lost trying to do my taxes. I was clueless about where to start, stressed out and on top of it all have VERY limited time... I was a mess. The entire Palma financial team made this process easy and so comfortable! From the moment I walked in the door I felt very welcome and at ease (uncommon). The team was professional, considerate and accommodating of my time. They were straight forward, to-the-point and still able to teach me a ton about managing my finances. They cleaned me up and sent me on my merry way. The weight of taxes had been lifted! I'm a really picky person. Based on my time and experience there, Palmer Financial have locked themselves in as my go-to CPA. THANK YOU TEAM PALMA! More on Yelp  

Chad M. - San Jose, CA

Miguel is an amazing CPA. He is extremely helpful, honest, and knowledgeable. Many CPA's that I have worked with have no personality and Miguel is always courteous and professional, but still has a light hearted personality that makes you feel at ease. Miguel has always exceeded my expectations, no matter what the circumstance is, he has always been knowledgeable and willing to help. If there was anyone that needs honest knowledgeable financial advice, I would wholeheartedly recommend them to Miguel A. Palma. More on Yelp  

Larry D. - San Rafael, CA

I have been a client of Miguel's since 2004. During this time I've always known Miguel to be a consummate professional and, rare to the accountant breed, very personable and has a great sense of humor. I mean, Miguel is the type of person you would want to hang out with yet you know the guy is super busy serving his other clients. If you have followed him on social media you'll see he is always giving seminars on Financial matters and extends his knowledge and expertise way beyond his traditional CPA arena. He always keeps himself up to date on the constantly changing tax laws and ways to provide his clients optimum returns in a timely fashion. Personally, I am a client for life and have recommended him to many of my family members and friends. Thank you Miguel for the many years of exceptional service!! Larry More on Yelp  

Steve M. - Livermore, CA

Most attentive and on top of my end of year business needs More on Yelp  

Lorena G. - Salinas, CA

Miguel and his team are amazing. He is so knowledgeable in business, college and retirement planning! I don't mind driving 2 hours each way just to go see him because his knowledge is worth it!!! More on Yelp  

H C. - Fresno, CA

Good, efficient and practical advice! Responsive to the need of their clients. More on Yelp  

Alex P. - Walnut Creek, CA

My junior year in highschool, my father and I were worried about how to pay for college. We went to Mr. Palma and he truly went above and beyond. He helped package our financials so college for me and my siblings was much more financially viable, he set me up with a college planning network to help me personally, and he gave me the opportunity to meet people in my potential field of profession. The customer service was very good, every body at the office was a joy to see every time we went for an appointment. I would definitely recommend Mr. Palma. More on Yelp  

Michael S. - San Ramon, CA

I was referred to Mr. Palma from a client. My initial need was for basic tax filing. I was pleased when he suggested to help me with college planning and explained the tax advantages that I was not aware of. This was great. Mr. Palma was very knowledgeable and articulated himself well. I like his calm nature as other CPA's seemed to be hurried and annoyed that I had so many questions. I am excited to have a college strategy defined and in place and have found great solice and satisfaction in this. More on Yelp  

Brett B. - Walnut Creek, CA

As his strategic partner, we have been working with Palma Financial Services for the last month; they take a holistic approach to their clients' finances. Miguel makes it a priority to meet with his client's and review their financial statements to maximize profits and improve their ROI. Last month we saved one of his clients $20,000.00 on their Workers Compensation which resulted in a nice boost to his cash flow. Miguel does take an interest in making his customers lives and businesses better. We believe they go above and beyond preparing tax returns and financial statements! You should contact Palma Financial Services, Inc. if you are interested in exploring options to save on your Personal Home & Auto Insurance, Commercial Liability and Workers Comp as well as Employee Benefits and Individual Insurances. More on Yelp  

Mandeep D. - Dublin, CA

In the last 5 years, my concerns about my taxes (business and professional) had become a huge burden for me. I had to change 3 CPA's in the past 5 years for various service related reasons. Then I turned to Yelp/Google, and after reading the long list of stellar reviews, I contacted Palma Financial Services. That was the best decision I have made in all of 2016. And now after dealing with Miguel @ Palma Financial Services for getting professional advice on many of my ventures and 2015 taxes, I believe my search has finally ended to find a reasonable priced world class CPA that I can rely for many decades. Miguel has been incredibly helpful in providing information, recommendations, and guidance for my accounting and tax preparation needs. What I really like about Palma Financial Services: - Miguel Palma is very knowledgeable, professional and vey friendly. Just after the first meeting, I felt like I have been dealing with Miguel forever and I can trust his advice. - He always answered all questions and explained everything very patiently. - He is very available, and communicates promptly. He has fit us into his tight schedule unplanned and on early/late weekends so many times that I had lost count now. (I had texted Miguel as late as 9 PM for some urgent financial advice and gotten a reply back in 5 minutes. Was truly amazed. That is so helpful when making decisions that could have tax implications.) More on Yelp  

Hilda M. - Oakland, CA

We feel very fortunate to have such an expert CPA that takes care of all our tax and financial needs. We highly recommend Miguel Palma's services due to his high level of professionalism and amazing human being. More on Yelp  

J S. - San Francisco, CA

Miguel helped us when no other CPA could. We were buying a home, and were required to acquire some expert CPA financial analysis and documentation to ensure our loan was approved. Miguel stepped in and accomplished everything we needed - he was professional, set expectations appropriately so everyone was very clear on expected outcomes - including our bank and loan office - and when he said he would deliver, he did. This included working late hours to meet the deadlines that were so important to us - thank you again to you and your entire team, Miguel! Everyone was incredible! -- Josh More on Yelp  

Dr. Artemio P. - Danville, CA

Mr. Palma is a professional expert with taxes and finances. I've met with several tax consultants over the years but Mr. Palma is by far the best! He's very thorough and precise. Easy to talk to and always gets back to you when you contact him. I highly recommend him without reservation. More on Yelp  

Claudia V. - Oakland, CA

Palma Financial Services, Inc was highly recommended to us and we are very please we decided to go with Miguel and his team. We are a small company and the services Miguel provides are a perfect fit for our company. Miguel is very knowledgeable and patient. We know we can reach out to him for any type of question or doubt we may have and he always has good advise. We highly recommend Palma Financial Services, Inc. More on Yelp  

Paco V. - Los Gato, CA

Palma Financial Services is incredibly helpful. I've worked with them for many years and have always valued the advice and consultation that comes with each appointment. I would recommend them to anyone needing tax or financial planning. More on Yelp  

Leonardo M. - Pleasanton, CA

This was the first time I went to an accountant for help with my taxes and he didn't disappoint. Miguel was so patient and he took all the time to understand my situation and then he provided good advice, tips and guidance. He and his staff are very courteous and friendly. I highly recommend Miguel Palma. More on Yelp  

Seyla C. - Modesto, CA

Great service. Thank you very much for helping us improve our business. More on Yelp  

A K. - Modesto, CA

Miguel is really knowledgeable and really helpful. Highly recommend him! More on Yelp  

Carlos F. - San Francisco, CA

CPA Palma is a true profesional financial planner who can guide a family, a business to structure their financial well-being under the complexities of the IRS regulations through long-term financial and tax planning strategies. As a trusted advisor, CPA Palma is in a unique position to provide objective recommenations to his clients to make informed decisions. In addition, CPA Palma provides free financial literacy seminars to advance the knowledge and understanding of the taxpayers to better shape their decisions on retirement, taxes, investing, insurance, education, and estate planning. One is absolutely in the best hands with CPA Miguel Palma, a true success story! Carlos Figueroa More on Yelp  

Gloria L. - Hayward, CA

Miguel has been a great help in running my small business during the past few years, not only has he done an impeccable job with my tax filings but he has also taken the time to always answer my questions and treated me as a friend. I highly recommend him. More on Yelp  

Lety R. - Morgan Hill, CA

After having many problems with our taxes we where recommended to Palma Finacial Services to help. They took care of our needs right away. They are very knowledgable We have been doing our taxes with Palma Finacial for a couple of years now and haven't had any problems. The entire staff has great customer services and treat you like family. More on Yelp  

Jody T. - Pleasanton, CA

Helped me to identify errors and file an amended return with quick turnaround and excellent customer service. Really listened, and made valuable suggestions. Very knowledgeable! More on Yelp  

David P. - Fremont, CA

For the past 2 years (2014-2015) Michael Palma, of Palma Financial Services, Inc. has prepared our tax returns. Due to Michael's attention to detail, expertise in tax preparation, & professionalism, my spouse & I received substantial refunds both tax years 2014 & 2015. When I prepared our tax returns myself, before seeking PFS Inc. services, I always paid more $ in taxes in April of each year. Each employee of Palma Financial Services Is a "People Pleaser." They are friendly, efficient, & care about their clients. More on Yelp  

A N. - Antioch, CA

I have been using Palma Financial Services for some time now, and Mr. Palma was always able to give me good advises and taking care of with my disorganized tax returns. I have recommended his service to my acquaintances with confidence. More on Yelp  

Larry C. - Livermore, CA

We were in need to good advice due to some inherited property outside the US. Miguel provided us the guidance and the direction. He is very thorough and very capable of navigating through complicated tax laws and our lack of sufficient documentation. What I really liked was that he was always willing to listen and provide options instead of some of the CPA we engaged for our situation. I can't say enough good things about him and have recommended him to our friends and relatives. More on Yelp  

Sarah D. - Hayward, CA

I went in for a free consultation. Very easy to schedule, flexible and kid friendly. Miguel helped me to check my 2014 tax return! I would return immediately for financial planning and 2015 tax filing assistance. More on Yelp  

Armando M. - Hayward, CA

There are three words that could define Miguel Palma and his work ethic: Professional, Honest and Patient. My father-in-law runs his own small business and he found him self in a middle of a messy IRS Audit. When we first learned about it, we did not know what to do, where to go or how to start preparing for the process. I then started looking for a CPA that could help us and I found Miguel. Since the first day, he received us as if we were members of his family and made us feel welcome. He went over the situation with us and took it into his hands. With in a short week we were ready to face the auditor and we did. Miguel showed up to the appointment and represented us through out the audit. After the audit, we decided that we needed his expertise if we wanted to maximize profits. Now, our business is doing better than ever and we have less stress on our shoulders. I would recommend Palma Financial Services to anyone who is looking for an ethical and trustworthy CPA. More on Yelp  

Vanessa M. - Antioch, CA

My family has been going to Miguel's CPA firm for years and never once does he disappoint. Not only is he super friendly, but he also gets things done in a professional and timely manner and is definitely experienced! I highly recommend giving him a call for all your tax/financial advising needs. More on Yelp  

Mike B. - Pittsburg, CA

I recently started managing a small family trust and found that there were substantial omissions in past tax returns. It wasnt that the CPA wasnt knowledgeable - the quality of the relationship with our family was shallow and he didnt know our finances - and things got missed. A good CPA should know what youve done, a great CPA gets to know you and what you want to do as well. You not only dont miss major opportunities for tax credits or deductions but you learn how to take a stronger tack toward your goals and dreams. Palma Financial is a great mix of a personable family business that maintains the highest professional standards. If I liked them any better Id be at the "I love you man" stage. Maybe after a few beers. More on Yelp  

Bipin V. - Dublin, CA

Miguel was very friendly, helpful and professional. I approached him to seek his advice on a potential problem I might have with my tax returns for a prior year. He confidently assured me that there was no reason for me to worry and that I shouldn't loose sleep over this. I had sought his advice for my individual tax returns, but I am sure that he is quite capable of handling much more serious tax and accounting matters and will be helpful in all kinds of situations. He can instantly put you at ease while still being honest and practical. He definitely seemed to be very knowledgeable. Over and above, he didn't charge me at all for his advice. I would highly recommend him. More on Yelp  

Maricruz V. - San Jose, CA

Excellent and knowledgeable professional. He review and fixed my previous tax returns and I received refund on all 3 previous years. More on Yelp  

Zachery A. - Santa Cruz, CA

Mr Palma has been my personal CPA & CFP since 2004. In those years, i have bought and sold real estate, consulted throughout the year with Mr Miguel Palma on complicated tax scenarios, designed life insurance and tax-savvy policies for both myself and my family members, and have been able to refer a number of my personal clients to Miguel for tax and real estate advice. Miguel has a great understanding of tax law and policy and provides resourceful articles to aid in my questions and business ventures. Above all, Miguel gets personal, and knows my life, family, and what matters. He is the man, thanks Miguel! More on Yelp  

Mario M. - Morgan Hill, CA

Miguel Palma is the best CPA I ever had. I do appreciate his professional feedback and financial advice to become a successful business. It is very important to have the right people working for your business. More on Yelp  

Audrey P. - Dublin, CA

I own a small business and with the hustle and bustle of daily life I just kept putting off getting my taxes done. I was recommended by a friend (realtor) to Miguel. And I have to say this recommendation has been a life saver. He saved me so much money and the customer service is exceptional. They truly treat you like family. I had an after work appointment and was starving. They went to a nearby grocery store and brought back all the fixings for a wonderfully delicious Greek salad. We then had dessert: ice cream from Sweet Retreat! They are also really flexible and accommodatintg. Like I said, I had an after work appointment and they were able to work with my schedule to get me in at a time that worked best for ME! They schedule me at 8pm and never rushed me! He and his staff are also great at answering email. Don't be surprised if you get a response at 2 or 3am. The staff is kind and always looking to please. They will offer me coffee, coke, diet coke, sprite,water, or tea as soon as you get to the front desk! Their service is one of a kind and you definitely get what you pay for!!! I would and have recommended them to everyone!!!! More on Yelp  

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