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Our College Planning Services

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  • Doubling or Tripling eligibility for FREE grant money
  • High Income Parents getting tens of thousands of free grant money
  • Avoiding the ONE single costly mistake 91% of parents make
  • Learn the secrets on how admissions officers accept students
  • Learn how to position your child to get accepted
  • How to choose schools offering the BEST financial aid
  • Why an expensive Private University can cost less out-of-pocket than a State College
  • The importance of filing your FAFSA without a rejection
  • How to increase your college-related tax deductions and tax credits
  • Securing Free Money regardless of net worth or income – 100% Guaranteed

Your success is paramount to our success – your children’s to the success of tomorrow.

Why Our Solutions

Why you need to have a college planning solution now and why you can benefit from choosing ours today!


Understanding the limitations of various funding options and finding the right one for your child’s college success.


Our college planning steps help you organize and manage the success of your children getting into a perfectly matched college.

Getting In

Help your children get into the right college by planning now!


Learn how to stay organized while managing your college funds.