Palma Financial Services, Inc. Provides The Right College Planning Solution

Letís face it, the college planning process is one of those few things that you demand to be done right. Your childrenís future depends on the decisions you make today. Palma Financial Services, Inc. understands the importance of funding your childrenís education with the right solution for you.

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Why Us


You want to simplify a complicated process. We remove the stress.


You want to save time and we know how to do just that.


Palma Financial Services, Inc. has the experience and tools to achieve a successful education journey for your children. We can help unlock the funds this journey requires.

Your success is paramount to our success – your children’s to the success of tomorrow.

What they say about us

Alex P

My junior year in highschool, my father and I were worried about how to pay for college. We went to Mr. Palma and he truly went above and beyond. He helped package our financials so college for me and my siblings was much more financially viable, he set me up with a college planning network to help me personally, and he gave me the opportunity to meet people in my potential field of profession. The customer service was very good, every body at the office was a joy to see every time we went for an appointment. I would definitely recommend Mr. Palma.