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Why Palma Financial Services, Inc.?

Removing Surprises

We discuss the pros and cons of each idea or recommendation and decide which strategies to implement and when. When we’re done, you walk away with both a clear expectation for your future tax liabilities (we hate tax surprises as much as you do!), as well as documented tax savings that result from our proactive planning process.

Fix Missed Opportunities

We start with a thorough review of past tax filings, current financial statements, and future. Any mistakes and missed opportunities are identified, and then a plan to rectify and take full advantage of every possible tax strategy relevant to each client’s unique situation is presented.

Tax Minimization

Success rarely happens by luck, rather, planning and preparation are two key components necessary toward realizing a prosperous outcome. When it comes to taxes, we measure success by minimizing or eliminating your income taxes!

Removing Surprises

If you’re ready to take the guesswork out of your taxes, and save money along the way, then our tax planning services are what you need.

Proactive Approach

Palma Financial Services, Inc. was founded around the principle of using a proactive approach to tax planning.

First Time Client Discount

Enjoy peace-of-mind for a low annual fee of: $799 (50% First Time Client Discount)

A good CPA should know what youve done, a great CPA gets to know you and what you want to do as well. You not only dont miss major opportunities for tax credits or deductions but you learn how to take a stronger tack toward your goals and dreams. Palma Financial is a great mix of a personable family business that maintains the highest professional standards. If I liked them any better I’d be at the “I love you man” stage.

Mike B.